Here are my three favorite games I made so far.


Sticky Buddies (2018)

This puzzle/platformer game was made in 78h during the Ludum Dare #43 on the theme “SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE”.
The player has to stick and sacrifice the character to make platforms and go through the levels.


Fragments (2018)

This platformer was made in a week during the Epic Megajam 2018 on the theme “REALITY IS OFTEN INACCURATE”.
Juggle between two fragments of reality to make your way through the levels and collect the seventh orbs of truth.


Ido (2015)

This Game was made in two weeks during an internship at “GameLab Summer School” (GLASS 2015) on the theme “SCIENTIFIC VIDEO GAMES“.
Ido is a therapeutic game using the Kinect that aims to improve rhythm and motor skills.
Ido provides an editor to create your own rhythmic sequences.