I like playing with code to create playful interactions with machines.

PHD in COGNITIVE SCIENCES - Understanding latency perception from the first person point of view

Motricity, Interaction, Performance (MIP) Lab in Nantes university
2016 – 2019
Team : Jérôme Bourbousson 

Latency is the delay between a user’s action and the response of a system. It affects all digital systems. Our research aims to extend the understanding of this phenomenon from the user’s point of view by looking at the different user experiences during interactions with a system with more or less latency. Our hypothesis, based on neurosciences and phenomenology research, is that the way to interact with a system would change the perception of latency.

I programmed a low-latency interface for the experimentation using the microcontroller Arduino. I also programmed multiple interfaces for evaluating timing abilities.  


Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) in Paris
Summer 2015
Team : Barbara Sedderz, Guillaume Duquesne, Denis Tribouillois

Ido is a tool using the kinect for creating rhythm sequences in virtual reality in order to improve the motor skills of the player. The goal of this therapeutic game  is to hit targets by moving the arms and legs. Anyone can create their movement sequence and share it. Featuring a refined, soothing and colorful artistic direction, and addictive gameplay the game won the Best Gameplay Award during the GLASS2015 at the CRI in Paris.

I programmed the system to capture player movement via the kinect and interactions with targets on screen using Unreal Engine and Blueprints. 


UE4 Spring Game Jam 2018
Theme : Transformation


UE4 Megajam 2018
Theme : Reality is often inaccurate


Ludum Dare #43 (December 2018)
Theme : Sacrifices must be made